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Ai Technologies South Africa


Implementing Automations, Chat & Voice BOTs, Data Mining and AI Efficiencies for Massive Business Growth.

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Email: info@riseaitech.com

Whatsapp / Call +27 82 490 8492

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A word from our founder

Ulrich v. ​Wijngaarden

Experts in implementing AI technologies for meaningful business growth. Rise AI uses the most powerful AI technologies available, to implement business and industry changing solutions.

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Services Offered

Please find our list of services below:

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AI Consultation & Strategy Development

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Voice & Chat BOTs

Development & Implementation

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AI Content Automation Creation Setup

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Lead Generation & Nurturing Automation

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AI Data Mining & Insights

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Some of Our

Sample Projects

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eCommerce Big Win

Implemented 24/7 Chat BOT customer support, fulfilling on customer enquiries, order updates, upselling and cross selling and post purchase support. This resulted in massive revenue savings and a steady increase in both repeat and first time purchases. Experience the BOT below

Automated Lead Gen & Management

Implemented an automated lead generation funnel, from top of funnel to bottom and post purchase, client saw a significant increase in client satisfaction and also in the amount of brand new customers engaging with the business. Book a demo with us to learn more.

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Key Team members

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Ulrich v. Wijngaarden


Mzamo Ngema

Martin Coetzee



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Rise AI


RISE AI’s WHY is to make YOU the business owner, the CEO, the entrepreneur, SHINE. Effortlessly. To achieve this we need your team and your company to shine

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